Oct 19, 2010

favorite (travel mug)

It's been a long time since I posted about a favorite, but I was inspired today.
I love coffee! 
But you probably already guessed that if you read my favorite (coffee).

One of the essentials when it comes to coffee - it must stay hot! 
Unless it's an iced coffee - of course.
This is easier for me now that I'm home during the day and can use the speedy microwave, but when I worked in the "big city" and spent quite a lot of time driving around for my job having a great travel mug was super important.  I also spent a pretty good amount of time outside - on the job site - and I despised drinking cold coffee.

Until I received my Thermos Raya Stainless Steel Tumbler for Christmas a few years ago, I had no idea coffee could taste good and stay hot all morning. 
It's the best travel mug ever!

And the reason I had to write about my favorite travel mug today is because it's also become my husband's favorite travel mug.  He usually takes a large stainless steel thermos of his own to work, but when he's on the road he "borrows" my travel mug.  That arrangement was working pretty well.

But two weekends ago we traveled to visit Jake's parents, took the travel mug with us on the way to their house, and came home without it.  Bummer!  Not to mention Jake had to travel last week and was without a travel mug.  He went shopping, but couldn't seem to find anything to compare to our Thermos Raya.

So last Saturday I was able to do a little shopping in the "big city" and found the Thermos Raya travel mugs at Target.  I decided that Jake really deserved his own (or that I would really like mine for myself).  Our original mug is stainless steel so I chose a nice blue for Jake.  

He was very happy with his gift. 
Me too!

The old, original mug is still away from home, but it's okay.
I "borrowed" the new mug this morning and I enjoyed running errands with hot coffee.

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  1. You guys are funny. This seems like something Derrick and I would do.


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