Oct 28, 2010

favorite (crib)

Another one of our current transitions with Ben is moving him out of his crib, and to a twin mattress.  So far he's really liking his new bed and usually chooses to sleep in the bed and not the crib.  He does have both in his room, because I do better with a gentle transition to new things.

But just like the binky - this is a little hard for me.  Watching him sleep in his new bed and knowing we are going to be storing away his crib (hopefully to be used again) is another big step away from our baby days.



I'm also wanted to write about this because I adore Ben's crib.  It was made for him by my Dad (Grandpa).  My Dad has always been incredibly talented with diy projects - from building a treehouse to hanging Christmas lights.  And because he's an engineer he's also quite the perfectionist. 

When we first told my Dad and Stepmom we were pregnant with Ben, I asked if he would make the crib and of course he said yes.  Jake and I began to look for plans and designs and eventually settled on one we loved.  Dad made sure it turned out beautifully. (and so did my Stepmom - she helped keep him on schedule!)

It's my favorite crib. ever.


  1. you are ahead of the game again, girl! brody is still in his crib for the sole fact that he can't get out of it ;)

  2. Great post. You shouldn't tell Dad that it's going to be stored away for a while. He'll probably try to get another couple coats of varnish on it. :)

  3. Did I mention we put a baby gate on Ben's doorway? :) He can't totally escape yet.

    I'm sure Dad will try to put some more varnish on it - but isn't he suppose to start on a project for you??? ;)

  4. We don't want to interfere with Dad finishing your crib. So, I think Dad should postpone his project for us. :)


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