Oct 1, 2010

did you have one of these?

 I did!  
And I was very excited when one of our neighbors brought this one over for Ben.
She got it at a local sale today for 20% off $1.50 - pretty hard to beat! :)

 Ben played with it on the driveway for almost thirty minutes, and then we brought it inside when it was time for lunch.  We did a quick clean-up - just a little dust to wipe off.  It's probably been his favorite thing today. And he was quite proud to show Dad how it works when he came home from work tonight.

Just for fun I looked up vintage toys on Etsy this evening...
I found TONS of great stuff!
But I'm too tired to post about it right now (maybe I will in the near future) because I just spent a couple of hours getting the kitchen good and clean.  


I had made quite a mess today, and I find there is something so nice about starting the day with a CLEAN kitchen.  It puts me in a great mood!  And since tomorrow is Friday, it will be a really great way to start the weekend.  :)  

One of my favorite things about cleaning the kitchen - stacking the dishes to dry.  It can be quite complex!  (I do have a dishwasher, but it was already completely full tonight.)

What's your favorite room of your house to have clean?

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