Mar 1, 2012


i've really been consumed with thoughts of my friend nikki lately.
it's amazing how much i find myself thinking about our friendship -
and it seems like such a long time ago that we were kids.
i have so many memories of us during grade school and junior high.
she moved away in high school, but we stayed in touch and then ended up being roommates our first year of college. (living in a dorm room the size of the closest can always bring out the "best" in people so our second year we went our own ways.)
but then lived together again our third and fourth years of college with another dear friend, mandy.

somewhere along the way we both found our own ways,
and i must confess my path didn't go the way i had planned.
i wasn't the friend i should have been - on many occassions.
but despite the bumps along the way... nikki was always there and willing to be my friend.

age, distance, husbands, kids, moves, jobs, and busy calendars have definitely minimized our time to stay connected over the years.
but really i find my friendship with nikki isn't necessarily about what our relationship is today,
but the time we spent together years ago, the kids we used to be and our dreaming about the future.
that's all part of who we are today.

so i now find myself anxiously awaiting any update, thinking about how her life is changed, thinking about her family, thinking about her new baby girl, and just thinking about my friend -
the girl, the woman, the wife, the mother, the daughter.
i would love to "do" something more - but right now i fell like the only thing i can do is pray,
and look forward to visiting her again soon.


  1. Awesome write up. I have great memories of picking Nikki up for church at her grandparents.

  2. I totally get it. I have a couple of dear friends that I miss terribly! But our lives are so different it's hard to stay close. Hopefully at some point you can reconnect :-)

  3. Hi Kristin, I just clicked through your link to Nikki. I hope she and her baby will have a full and speedy recovery. Much love to you and yours!


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