Mar 5, 2012

a car window & a paper flower bouquet

today definitely felt like a monday
a little rushed, disorganized, hurried, and blah - all at the same time.
but today did also have a couple of really good moments.

this first good moment happened when the kids and i hopped in the car to head to the post office.
but first i have to back-up to sunday afternoon when jake and ben cleaned out the car
(very thoughtful i might add).
they finished cleaning and found that the front passenger side window would not go back up.
bummer - seems like there's always something happening to our "well-loved-almost-vintage" vehicles.
but thanks to my diy husband a how-to video of replacing the window part was found,
and he was going to order the part from our local oreilly's today.
so now we're back to the trip to the post office.
just for fun i thought i would try roll up the window while we were driving -
maybe it would work.
no luck.
oh well, i thought.
and then we were stopped at a light, and i looked down and noticed the child safety lock was on.
i flipped the button to off and UP went the window.
i quickly called jake with the good news.

the other highlight of today was mailing a birthday present to my friend nikki.
my friend mandy and i were planning on sending a gift together,
but weren't too excited about any of the ideas we came up with so i decided to make something.
i've been wanting to make rolled paper flowers for awhile now.

i used this tutorial for a guide and really enjoyed making a such a special gift.
and i can't wait to make some more!
(please excuse the so-so photos - took the inside late last night)


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  1. Oh my.....I want to do that too!!! Beautiful, Nikki will be so happy!


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