Mar 7, 2012

warm days

it's sure been warm here lately!
in fact, our quince are blooming and our daffodils are shooting up.
and even though it's also been windy,
we've been trying to get outside as much as possible for some much needed fresh air.

when we're not outside ben has been spending lots of time tracing shapes and letters in this dry erase book he got for his birthday from my aunt and uncle. 
it's pretty amazing to watch him learn these days.
he is really interested in reading and writing - 
and he sure makes his mom and dad proud.

we were also proud parents when we took ben to visit a preschool tuesday morning.
we are considering starting him this coming fall - just two days a week.
he was initially worried that we were going to leave him there that day, 
but after watching the other kids and meeting the teachers, 
he was soon standing in line for the pledge of allegiance and sitting on the mat to listen to the teacher.
once we were home he started pouting.
i asked him what was wrong and he told me he was sad because he wanted to stay and play at preschool.
being three can sure be hard.
for all of us.  :)
so glad tomorrow is thursday - i think it's my favorite day of the week.

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  1. How nice Ben and Olive can be out in the fresh air! And Ben going to preschool this fall is just too much!


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