Mar 11, 2012

daydream weekend

not counting losing one hour of sleep,
jake's back hurting today,
a late evening with julia,
and too much time in the bathroom with ben -

this was a weekend like i use to daydream about.

not perfect, but pretty darn close.
at home with my husband and our kids,
eating pancakes saturday morning (jake makes the best!),
doing some household chores,
grocery shopping and running a couple of errands,
saturday night mass (ben was so well behaved!),
homemade pizza saturday evening (once again - jake makes the best!),
an online visit with grandma and grandpa,
staying up late watching tv with jake,
sleeping in sunday morning,
eating leftover pancakes,
laundry and cleaning,
listening to some john prine pandora,
cooking a sunday evening dinner - including brownies for dessert,
playing chutes and ladders,
dancing with ben,
cleaning up the kitchen,
and listening to the quiet sounds of our little family in our little home.
simply beautiful to me.

hope your weekend was just as lovely.

1 comment:

  1. That sounds truly wonderful! Especially the homemade pizza. Mine was busy, as usual, with basketball games and such but i wouldn't have it any other way.


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