Mar 21, 2012

close to the country

as i've mentioned we live in a small town -
not as small as the one i was raised in (around 1200), but still small by most standards.
even though we don't live in the country like we hope to one day,
we are lucky enough to be just a few minutes from country roads, open fields and kansas skies.

last sunday we headed out to the country and visited a friend who also happens to raise goats.
it was a little cooler and windier than we were anticipating,
but still fun - especially for ben.

there were baby goats everywhere!

ben thought they were great and spent quite a bit of time trying to catch them,
but he seemed to be a little better at herding.

there were other animals too.
here is my favorite picture of the day...

but i think these might be ben's favorites...

i know it's not for everyone, but we are happy we live close to the country.
and maybe even closer to it down the road...


  1. That looks like so much fun! Ah, such a quiet life. I'm jealous :-)


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