Mar 27, 2012

a busy week of visiting

hi there!
what day is it???
just kidding.
we've just been so busy around here it all seems to be running together.
lots of fun. lots of family. lots of excitement.

this last week my sister-in-law,
who just happens to be from the town we live in,
came to visit.
and brought along my sweet little nephew.
he's just a month younger than julia,
so we had lots of fun with two little ones around.
i'm not sure what ben thought about another baby being added to the mix,
but i'm pretty sure he had a good time too.

it was wonderful to see you aunt lindsey and cousin abel.
we look forward to seeing you again in july!


  1. What a special time for all of you....and I love the ladybug on Olive's outfit.

  2. What wonderful pictures of the kids! And, Kristin, you and Lindsey look fantastic! Love to all of you from Joyce and Bob.

  3. aww yay for cousins!!! and baby girl is getting so big!!! What a doll!

  4. Gr8 post and some good looking little ones!


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