Feb 28, 2012

a new year

i like to think of my birthday (it was yesterday) as a good time to make goals and resolutions -
you know, just like you do on january 1.
and my birthday seems to be well timed to do this -
just enough time has gone by since january 1 that i may have "slipped" a bit from those new year's goals.

this year i hope to work on simplifying, focusing and being more intentional.
(of course i'd also like to exercise more, cook more from scratch, be more crafty/artsy, do more projects with ben, sew more, garden more, etc.)
but i also know that i have a husband, two small children and a home... 
those (very important) things take most of my time - which i love.

so for now i will focus on a couple of words that seem to be running through my mind quite often...


 my mom sent me this gorgeous flower yesterday.
orange is my favorite color and i love gerbera daisies.
it is beautiful ~ thanks mom!

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  1. Happy birthday late! :) sorry I missed it! We will have to get together for coffee to celebrate!


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