Feb 19, 2012

kleenex, uno and hearts

yes, i know valentine's day was a few days ago,
but we seem to moving at a slow speed lately.

i think we've had at least one of us feeling congested with some kind of cold for the last three weeks!
it makes me want to cleaning EVERYTHING - but it's the last thing i feel like doing.
and it really makes a case of cabin fever (which i think we all have too!) that much worse.
so here i am - trying to delay monday morning.
even though i don't "go" to work everyday,
there is something about the start of the week that i seem to dread.
i think it's mostly because the weekends are spent with all four of us together -
i really enjoy our time as a family.

especially as ben learns how to do things like play uno and crazy eights,
wears underwear (so excited that he is using the potty!),
tells us stories,
helps with small chores,
and enjoys completing simple tasks for stickers.

julia is growing and changing all the time too.
she is truly a content and happy baby.
at least for now -
jake says that she's probably going to get us down the road.
you know, the teenage/college years.  :)
one of the sweetest things - along with her smile, sounds, chubby cheeks and sparkling eyes -
is the way she watches ben.
every single thing he does.

and he loves her too.

since i seem to be inside so much lately, and still a bit of a night owl
i finally signed up for pinterest.
it's over on the right side - take a peek.
i'm trying to limit my "pin time", but it really is a great way to stash ideas until i have time for them...
in about 18 years.
hope pinterest is around for a while!

i would also like to thank all of you for your thoughts and prayers for my friend nikki,
her new baby and their family.
she is improving everyday.
and that little baby girl is just perfect.

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