Feb 25, 2012

a saturday evening post

what a week it's been.
as usually the days have often seemed long, but have quickly passed by.
monday started with a trip to the doctor - bronchitis was the diagnosis for ben.
tuesday jake traveled out-of-town for meetings.
wednesday jake was still gone, a friend dropped by with a beautiful quilt for julia, ben had fiddle class and we had a couple of friends over after dinner.
thursday jake returned before dinner, ben had story time at the library and we had lunch and play time at a friend's house.
friday was spent looking forward to the weekend and making a visit to jake's office and the wildlife and parks museum.
saturday has been spent trying to get the laundry under control and doing some cleaning. jake and i also had a nice takeout dinner at home while the kids spent the evening with some family friends.

and now, everyone is sleeping but me.
so here are a few pictures...

 hate seeing this little guy not feeling well - 
but at least he was able to rest after he got his medicines.

and with ben resting i couldn't resist a few pictures of julia.

 with the heat wave mid-week, 
we made it out for some much needed fresh air.

 ben called this his first picnic of the year.

 why the lovely pole and wires you ask -
because there are two planes of course.
very important to a certain three year old.

 this is the lovely quilt made for julia.

 did i mention we play a lot of uno around here???


visiting the museum out at dad's office.

hope you are having a nice weekend too.

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