Feb 9, 2012

a blur

the last two days have been spent on the road with a friend, on the phone, and at a hospital.
i think most of you reading my blog have probably already heard about the serious accident one of my oldest, and dearest friends was in yesterday.
it was horrible.
and it is a nothing short of a miracle that she and her baby are both alive.

i am home tonight with a renewed perspective.
so glad to see my husband and our two children.
the other stuff (that i often get caught up in or worried about) just doesn't matter.

please pray for my friend, her family and that precious baby.
they still have a tough road ahead of them.

good night.

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  1. What a nightmare. So glad you could be there for her. She is blessed to have you as her friend. You should have let me know so I could have helped on this end.


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