Nov 21, 2011


no, i'm not talking about a radio station.
that was ben's temperature this morning at 7am when he woke up crying. 
poor little guy! 

so our week started out with a dose of tylenol.
a bed of blankets, pillows and a bean bag on the floor.
his favorite kid videos.
apple juice and dry corn pops.

i am thankful i already had a dr appt scheduled this afternoon and the dr was kind enough to take a look at ben too.
looks like it's a couple of days of rest, more tylenol and liquids.
hopefully we'll all be feeling well for thanksgiving.
and no - we still have no idea if baby sister will be here with us by then or not.
she seems to be content where she is for the moment.

after bath tonight we loaded ben up to go drive through our local Christmas light display in the park.

it was a nice way to relax and keep his mind off not feeling well.
(even though i still think it is nice to wait until after Thanksgiving to turn Christmas lights on)

gobble! gobble!
hope your thanksgiving week is off to a great start!

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