Nov 14, 2011

in order

there are many things about ben that amaze and surprise me all the time.
i know there are many times that jake and i both look at each other and wonder -
"where did he come up with that?" or
find ourselves rolling in laughter at a comment like -
"that was a mysterious toot!" after he just tooted (very loudly) right in front of us.
i guess it's true that kids say the darndest things!

well not only does been say the darndest things - he also does the darndest things.
like the cling thanksgiving decorations on the front door.

i let him help me put them up and he will often spend time "reorganizing" them.
but just last week he was very focused on moving them around after lunch,
and told me he had to "put them in order" before his nap.

and that is how they still look right now!  ;)
in order.

happy monday!
we're looking forward to another week of getting things "in order",
and waiting for this baby to make her arrival.
here are some more fall pictures from our yard this weekend.
we still have a lot of leaf clean-up to look forward to...

have a wonderful week!

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  1. Ha ha! That is so cute! I love that stage where everything they say is so stinkin' cute!


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