Nov 13, 2011

family friday

on friday we headed east to the city and out for a family day.
jake and i thought ben would like a day out with just mom and dad before sister arrives.
we did have just a couple of errands to run before getting to the "fun" stuff,
but ben didn't seem to mind too much...

especially once he found a mirror and entertained himself (and others) by dancing
while jake was trying on jeans.

after our two shopping stops at the mall we headed out for lunch.
ben's favorite place to go - wendy's.
chicken nuggets, fries and a frosty.
and after a quick bite we were off to another of ben's favorite places...

we just had his birthday there in september, and he's been there one other time since with nanna.
but he just loves it - and so do jake and i.
all the fountains were turned off and the "kitchen was closed" (in the children's garden) -
two of ben's favorite things - but we still had a lovely time.
the weather was cool, but comfortable - a perfect fall day.

pretty soon it will be time for their big Christmas light display -
it's magical and i can't think of a better way to get in the spirit of the season.
if you live anywhere within driving distance - GO!

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  1. What a fun friday! We have got to get to botanica sometime it looks awesome. and you look adorable by the way! :) Can't wait to meet little miss!


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