Nov 8, 2011


wow!  didn't mean to take quite this long of a break from posting.
but that's how things have gone lately...
the days are flying by and my computer time has become less and less as we hurry around getting ready for baby.

this last weekend was so nice though -
we had a three day weekend at home.
just the three of us.

and on sunday afternoon we went to the park for some family pictures.
i was incredibly thankful that on short notice we were able to have some lovely photos taken.
i really didn't think we had the time (or even the budget) to do so before our baby arrived,
but thanks to referral from a friend we were able to schedule a session with a local photographer -
and we were so happy with the results!

she's also a mom and a local resident in our small town.
she was able to squeeze us into her full schedule.
she was great to work with - even brought elmo!
and she quickly got our photos to us.
ben has been calling her "my new friend".
thank you so much stacie!
here's a quick sampling of some my favorites...

have a wonderful week!
i hope to share more of "what" we've been up to lately very soon.

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