Nov 2, 2011

middle of the week

today was cold, cloudy and wet - we had both rain and snow.
and i'm not sure if it was the weather,
usually i LOVE this kind of a day,
or what - but i just felt - BLAH!
nothing seemed to come together very well.
and my productivity from monday and tuesday came to a dead stop.

so in an attempt to comfort myself this evening i made one of my most favorite chocolate treats.
warm, yummy, chocolate comfort - even better with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
this is super easy to make - and requires only a handful of ingredients.

and i shouldn't forget to mention that i did have a very fun surprise last night-
i won a giveaway!
on one of my favorite blogs take heart!
it was for six patterns from this wonderful etsy shop.
and i'm super excited!!!

i hope to expand my sewing into quilting and fell in love with these fun and modern designs.
i figure i'll have lots of free time on my hands this winter...
right? just me, an active three year old and a new baby in the house all day.  :)
joking aside - i do hope to dust off the sewing machine,
and find time for some fabric and thread over the cold months.
we'll see how it falls together...

for now i'm off to get a bowl of chocolate pudding cake with ice cream, put my feet up
and watch a little tv.
good night.

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