Nov 17, 2010

gobble gobble

Our day was cold and rainy with a few snowflakes mixed in.  Not the kind of weather that makes you feel like leaving the house, but early this morning Ben and I headed to a playgroup.  Some of our friends invited us to meet at their church for a Thanksgiving craft session.  It was really fun (and organized)!  Even though I was dressed like I wasn't planning to leave the house, I am glad we decided to hop in the car and take part.

There were three craft projects for the kids...

handprint turkeys
(Ben and I forgot to add the details with markers)

 paper plate pumpkin pies 
(with real cinnamon and a magnet on back)
say that fast ten times!  :)  this was my favorite one.

and pilgrim hats

Then the kids were served the cutest snacks - homemade, chocolate cookie turkeys along with popcorn and dried cranberries.  Wish I had thought to take a picture.  Ben LOVED it all!  In fact, he was the last one at the table - still eating - when we had to start picking up.  :)  I think that boy is going to LOVE Thanksgiving this year!

Two of my favorite Ben lines right now...
"Gobble, gobble" 
(when prompted with "what does the turkey say?")
"Santa's closet" 
(that's what he calls our Santa Claus movie)  It's the sweetest!

and one of my favorite things in our house right now...
 a personalized refrigerator


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