Nov 12, 2010

friday or monday?

I'm not really sure.  Things are a little flipped for us this week.  Jake was home from work Wednesday and Thursday since he's working Saturday and Sunday.  So we had our weekend in the middle of the week and now today feels like Monday to me.  This means I've got a big list with things to do and I feel like being productive.  But honestly, this is what our day was like

and I wasn't inspired do much of anything.  (Guess that means it's Friday.)  Instead I found myself listening to holiday music, drinking hot cocoa and looking at diy craft and sewing tutorials during nap time.  It sure was cozy and relaxing.
I love this time of the year!
I hope to spend my evening listing items and sewing.

Hope your weekend is wonderful! 
No matter what day it may feel like.

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  1. those kind of days are the best!

    i seriously need to break out my christmas music. even though it was 65 here yesterday and we played outside all afternoon! it felt like september but december is just a couple weeks away!

    girl, i got the bibs in the mail last night. they made my day. thank you so much for your sweet heart. what a fun surprise! you are so thoughtful, and YES, YES, YES if you ever haul it up here to new york we are so meeting, in real life :)

    thank you again :)!!


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