Nov 9, 2010

a blustery day

I worked on photographing some new items for the shop this afternoon.  The wind was making it challenging.  Yes, I know - I live in Kansas.  But it was still a blustery day!

You may have already noticed, but I felt like trying something a little different with my item photos today. 

That little chair use to be mine.  Jake is getting ready to paint two of these chairs and a table for Ben.  Today it caught my eye, so I hauled it outside with me. I'm pretty sure a few people driving by weren't quite sure what I was doing.  :)  Here are a few of my results...


 Look for these items in the shop before the end of the week.


  1. everything looks wonderful, what a great idea! i have to say that i have been getting a lot of love on the giveaway post about the tote bag..perhaps more in the future? maybe in the lemon print ;)?

  2. Loving all of those happy fabrics!


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