Sep 29, 2010

what a wednesday!

so far today I ...
  • struggled with my toddler for almost 30 minutes to get jeans and a shirt on to run errands
  •  discovered my sister-in-law's birthday gift (which is now almost a month late) is lost in mail - even though it has a tracking number (sorry Lindsey!)
  • had to stand in line for way too long at the grocery store for just a few items
  • got spaghetti sauce on my white shirt
  • have still managed to ignore the mess of dirty pots and pans that really need to be washed sitting on the kitchen counter
  • have a sick husband asleep in our bedroom - not sure if we'll even see him today
But on the bright side, guess I still have about half of the day left for things to improve.
And I feel much better after getting that all off my chest.  :)

Hope you are having a good Wednesday!

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