Sep 28, 2010

the library & apple dumplings

Recently Jake was home from work during the week and I was able to escape to the library by myself during nap time.  This may not sound exciting to you, but I was thrilled.  I LOVE the library! In fact, I'm there every week on Tuesdays - for Toddler Story Time.  And even though I really enjoy sharing story time with Ben, it doesn't really give me time to go browsing through books for myself.

  I think I spent about 30 minutes just wandering and looking.  I found myself looking at books about everything from sewing to making skin care products at home.  It was great!  I eventually found myself with a pile of cookbooks and a couple of novels.  Did I mention I also love the library because it's FREE???  This causes me to checkout a large amount of books because I know that even if I don't finish them I can always recheck them, and if I don't like them I just return them.  Perfect - no hassle, no risk, and great for someone who can tend to be indecisive.

Little did I know this cookbook from my recent library visit

would be a common topic over the weekend.

It was pretty surprising when Jake's cousin and aunt brought this dessert to lunch at Grandma's house on Sunday.  It was delicious!  We also talked about the cookbook and The Pioneer Woman.  It was fun!  The Apple Dumpling Recipe is not in the book, but you can find it on The Pioneer Woman.  I have started reading through the book and it looks like all the recipes will be just as tasty.  Hope to try one of them soon!

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  1. Ahhhhh, the library! One of my favorite spots, too! Hope you get time to enjoy some "fun" reading!


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