Sep 21, 2010

more birthday...

the cake
  • it was super simple and fun to make
  • my husband thought of using the red licorice and graham crackers for train tracks - great idea!
  • we also made cupcakes to share with friends

 the decorations
  • these were also simple and cost very little
  • fabric banners - made with yellow and blue fabrics I already had in my fabric stash - they were really easy to make and didn't cost me a thing
  • balloons - the one thing I did purchase, but they were worth it!
  • Happy Birthday Benjamin banner - I actually made this last year (paper, poster board, and markers) for his 1st Birthday
  • presents - placing the presents around the room (preferably out of his reach) helped add some color and they worked like extra decorations 

We decorated after Ben was asleep Friday night, and the look on his face was priceless when he saw it for the first time on Saturday morning - at least that's what we hear from Grandma and Grandpa who were sleeping in the living room.  
One of the top moments of the weekend was when he was sitting in his chair at breakfast Friday morning, and said,"I SO EXCITED!"

    the presents

    happy birthday!


     more presents

    backyard camping
    • our new tent was put together for the first time
    • we ate hotdogs, potato chips and smores - yum!
    • cooked over an open fire (our weber grill)
    • we went back inside and slept in our own beds

    one more time

    It's been a great birthday and we've enjoyed every minute.
    We feel so blessed to have such a wonderful son!

    Happy Birthday Ben!
    Love, Mom & Dad


    1. so CUTE, kristin!! looks like your little guy had a wonderful birthday :)

    2. i love the cake. i may copy next year.

    3. Thanks! It was a lot of fun, and that cake is super easy to make. :)


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