Aug 9, 2012

ugly kitchen renovation

well, i haven't been notified that our kitchen won the contest.
until then, or until we actually find time to go shopping and install a new dishwasher,
i seem to be spending even more time in the kitchen.
washing. washing. washing.
that's okay and i really don't mind.
in fact, i secretly enjoying washing dishes and seeing just how well i can stack them in the drying rack -
it's kind of like playing a game of jenga, but backwards.
but the downside seems to be the reduced time i have for this little blog.
or maybe things have just been so busy the last couple of weeks that i have taken a little blog vacation.
whatever the reason, i felt like leaving a quick post tonight.
we are all here and doing well.
and really looking forward to a family weekend around the house.

happy friday!

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