Aug 12, 2012

n is for nocturnal

this post is all about ben.

even as a baby, ben often left me questioning my abilities to be a mother.
maybe it was just because he's my first,
or maybe because there were so many changes taking place in our lives four years ago.
i really don't know.
but back then i frequently felt like i didn't know what i was doing -
it seemed he was looking at me saying "why are you my mom?"

he's always been an observer, a thinker, smart, strong-willed and stubborn.
(i have NO idea where he might get some of these traits from!)
don't get me wrong - he is also caring, thoughtful and loving,
but when all these ingredients are mixed together the combination can often be challenging.

over the summer he's done some serious growing - in many ways.
and jake and i have both been watching in amazement as ben is becoming a "kid".
he makes us laugh daily, blows us away with braininess and fills our hearts with joy.
we are lucky to be his parents.

this leads me to my story...
at supper tonight ben suggested that we say the alphabet,
and he would think of a word that started with each letter.
he did a great job!
and we were completely surprised with some of the words he chose -

a - apple
b - banana
c - carrot
d - duck
e - elephant
f - fish
g - giraffe
h - hippo
i - ice age
j - juggle
k - key
l - lion
m - mom
n - nocturnal ("like the owls")
o - octopus
p - pea
q - question mark (needed a little help with this one)
r - rain
s - snake
t - turtle
u - umbrella
v - vase
w - whale
x - x-ray
y - yummy yogurt
z - zipper

and if you are still reading here are a couple more ben stories from today...

he's been enjoying doing preschool worksheets with matching, mazes, letters, numbers, etc.
today he was doing some pages with matching -
the directions said to draw lines to match the items shown (shoes for example),
then find and circle the one thing that did not have a match.
so what did ben do?
he carefully looked at the worksheet and then told me which one did not have a match -
before drawing lines to match the other items.
that's my ben.  :)

we decided to give ben an alarm clock to prepare for going to preschool.
tonight jake plugged it in beside his bed,
and for the last 20 minutes ben has been watching the numbers change,
and then running out to tell us what the number just changed to -
he is SO excited about having his own alarm clock!  :)

i have often tried to get ben more interested in coloring or art/craft projects,
but they just don't seem to be his favorite thing.
and usually don't hold his interest for too long.
he does surprise me every once in a while when he'll ask to watercolor without me prompting him.

i think it used to bother me that i couldn't get him more interested in coloring, painting, etc,
but not anymore.
i'm sure there will be a day when he is more focused on arts and crafts projects (or not),
but at the present time he would prefer to cook in his kitchen, tell in-depth stories with his trains,
read books with us, do worksheets, play games on the computer or phone,
or just sit in the yard playing with his construction vehicles.
he's an independent guy and usually content to do his own thing.
i think he must have inherited this from his dad! (something i am very proud of)

next month he'll be turning 4!
and i can only imagine what exciting adventures the next year will bring.
we love you ben!
you make us so proud.
every. single. day.

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