Aug 25, 2012

i have a blog?

i must have forgotten.;)
sorry for the quiet around here, but we've been busy...

eating grass...

 playing in the rain...

 letting ben use the camera...

spending time with friends,
getting ready for preschool,
sorting summer and fall clothes,
going for evening walks,
trying to curl hair without heat,
working on some fun little photo projects,
planning a 4th birthday,
grocery shopping,
decluttering and going to the consignment store,
going to the park,
running through the sprinkler,
going to the fish museum,
traveling for work,
going to the library,
working on being content,
considering adding a dog to our family,
doing some design work,
enjoying some wonderfully cool weather,
and trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer.

happy weekend.

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