Dec 30, 2011

a little fresh air

just returned home from our first neighborhood walk as a family of four.

it felt so good to get some fresh air!
and these temperatures are amazing for the end of december.
right now our thermometer is reading 58 outside.
there is a little wind, but the sun is shining and it is

we are enjoying our time at home and i am working to get ready for a new year.
i usually leave Christmas decorations up until after New Year's,
but this year i am feeling like i need a clean start for 2012.
(i should also take advantage of having jake at home for the next several days while i pack it all away!
so much easier with an extra set of hands these days.)

i have lots of wonderful memories from 2011,
but can't help looking ahead to 2012 with some new dreams and goals.

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  1. Ben looks to grown up! and I love that you have all the pink! :)


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