Dec 23, 2011

the best concert

back in our days of two incomes, no kids and living in a big city jake and went to quite a lot of concerts -
we love music!
especially a live concert at a great venue.

but theses days our live music scene is shaping up to be a little different -
no ticket charges (just bring some cookies)
second row seats (because you are a a parent)
intimate venue (local church)
personal connection with the performer (our son!)
this was by far THE BEST CONCERT we have attended.

and how is already december 23rd?
someone is already one month old today...
and needs her picture taken.


  1. How can she be one month old already, that just can't be!!! xoxox to Ben & Olive, aka Julia. C-

  2. can you tell me a bit more about ben's violin lessons? we want to get wilder involved, but, where does one start? SO CUTE. and thank you for the christmas card. i was delighted to receive it. u are a blessing.


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