Dec 5, 2011

back to work

today was jake's first day going back to work after staying at home to help with the arrival of julia.
except for a late start - it was really a pretty good day.
and though we are all a little tired around here,
i am feeling very content and my heart is full with love for our growing family.
(i'm sure the Christmas season is making me a little extra sentimental too!)

i thought i would post a couple of pictures of jake and ben from last week.
they made a list of projects they wanted to accomplish while jake was home,
and most of them have been crossed off.
it was really good for ben to have some "guy time".

#4 - repairing and hanging the bird  feeder

how i love them both so much!
and did i mention ben grew at least six inches and packed on a couple of pounds while i was in the hospital?
can't believe how different he seems lately -
growing-up way too fast!

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