Jul 23, 2011

the county fair

last night we visited the county fair 

it was still HOT but we had fun
(no idea who the lady in the picture is - she just snuck in)

looked at the animals

rode some rides

including ben's first roller coaster
i thought it he would love it or hate it -
so when i saw him quite upset exiting the ride with dad i feared the worst

but he was upset because he couldn't stay on and go again!
 so we forgot about the rides by going for a nice, cold sno-cone treat
and a quick stop to look at the big tractor

 and yes, for those of you who haven't heard -
we are expecting a baby girl in november and we are super excited! 
~ more about baby soon ~

enjoy the weekend!

a little quilt block project i entered in the fair -
my second year to participate
and even though i've never made an actual quilt i really enjoy designing,
and sewing a block from the guidelines and fabric given in a purchased packet from our local extension office
i should have taken a photo of all the entries - 
it's amazing how each person comes up with something totally unique

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  1. Awesome update. You are all looking great. See you in a few weeks.


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