Jul 25, 2011

catching up on things, part 1 - swimming lessons

since i'm finally getting back to blogging, i figure i'd better do a few posts with highlights from the last few months that i've neglected to write about...

ben and friend
(looks like trouble to me!)

and since it's still ridiculously hot in kansas and we still have a triple digit forecast, i thought it would be great to post about ben's swimming lessons.  he had a great time and i was a very proud mama.  it's really a relaxed environment just to get the kids used to the water (we've also done this the past two years as well), but i still expected ben to want me in the water with him.  surprisingly, the second day i handed him to the lifeguard in the water and waited to get in - and you know, he didn't even notice i wasn't joining him - so i sat down with some other moms and enjoyed the view.  he did glance around to find me and wave every so often, but he was quite independent about the whole thing - what a big boy!

and on the last day of class, the water slide is turned on and the kids get to go down as much as they want.  ben loved it last year and he did this year too!

and he even went off the diving board three times before the end of the day.

the end.

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