Oct 28, 2012

wes the dog

jake and i have always talked about having a dog (or even two),
but the timing never seemed to work.
just renting, no yard, not enough time for training, new baby, etc.
the list could go on forever.
but earlier this fall we happened to find out about a litter of pups that would be born in september,
and we started thinking...
maybe we should get one.
well to make this long story short -
meet our new puppy wes.

we love him!!!

and in so many ways, we already know how great the timing was.
ben's only concern at bedtime was "where's wes?" -
pretty sure they bonded instantly.
and little julia even seems delighted to watch wes run around and to "gently" pat him.
i'm sure there will be many more posts to come involving a certain dog.


  1. One good lookin dog! Hope the transition goes well for you guys.


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