Jun 13, 2012

relaxing by the pool

the past several years when it was just me and ben in the summer,
we frequently ate our lunch, packed our snacks, towels, and sunscreen,
and headed to the wading pool (it's free here! and there are two of them!)
it was fun and relaxing.
well lately i kept planning that we would go, but our days have been super full
and i feel like packing up ben and julia for a hour at the wading pool is a bit much.
so jake and i talked about it.
you see - he isn't so crazy about a large percentage of our yard being decorated with plastic "stuff",
but he kindly decided to go along with the purchase anyway.  :) 
so sunday morning ben and jake headed to walmart in the old truck.
ben spent the afternoon and some of the evening playing, playing, playing.

it was so fun to watch him!
we about had to drag him out for supper,
and he could barely stay awake to eat a hot dog,
but he still managed to go back out to the pool for another hour or so.
and miss julia tried out her new swimwear too!

ben came in the house at about seven, rinsed off, put on his pjs,
and sat on the couch watching aladdin.
he was asleep within five minutes.
this kid was TIRED!

as much as i like to take the kids places and give them experiences,
i am also very happy to stay at home and keep things simple.
so this summer you will probably find us where the snacks, bathrooms, diapers, towels, band-aids, air-conditioning, and sunscreen are easy to find.
just relaxing by our pool.

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