Feb 10, 2011

cabin fever

This was what our day looked like yesterday.  
Lots of hot cocoa for our snow removal crew (aka Dad)

Our backyard.

This is our garden, and if you look closely you can see the top of large Tonka dump truck just peeking through the snow.

I love the look of the untouched snow.

Our front steps, and sidewalk.

Inside we did puzzles.

Ate snacks.
I'm horrible about constantly eating when the weather is cold and I am stuck inside.
I'm probably gaining 2lbs per snow day!

 And spent a lot of time on Sodor Island.
Ben loves to "make tracks to great destinations", and it is simply adorable when he tells you those exact words.  Jake got him to start saying that quite a while ago, but now you can really tell what he is saying.

 I have trouble getting Ben to look at me for a picture, but I asked him to show me all of his trains and smile.  Here's what I got in return.

Enjoying these winter days, but looking forward to green grass, warm sunshine and homegrown veggies.

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  1. Love the pics of that smiley boy! Playdate in the park or nature trail at the lake as soon as the snow melts!


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